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Are you a Thrivent member? We have THREE ONE project that would qualify for a Thrivent Action Team Grant. Email the church office and we will give you all the details needed to submit your application.

We need a KidVid Cinema leader for VBS this summer. Your job would be to watch a short video clip with the kids and then lead them through a few discussion items. Crew leaders will be with you to help as needed. All supplies and scripts are provided. If you are interested or have questions, talk to Tracy.

The leaders of River of LIFE have developed an ongoing wish list of items that our church could benefit from.  These are not emergency needs, but rather items that are used regularly or in some way would enhance the worship service, ministries or other events at River of LIFE.

MEALS FOR THE PENKERT FAMILY A meal train has been set up for the Penkert family.  If you would like to sign up to bring a meal, signup online There is link to this site on our church website.  

We have received a Thrivent grant to update/remodel the Youth Room. This room use to be the nursing home laundry room, so it needs a little TLC to make it feel like a warm and welcoming space for our youth. We need people with all sorts of talents. We need people that are able to do some bigger projects (example: take out a sink, maybe chop up some concrete if we can), we need people with ideas (example: what should we do with the floor, what should we paint) and we need “doers” (example: we need you to paint this wall, we need you to clean this floor). If you would like to be part of this fun work, talk to Tracy, email the church office or text ‘YOUTH’ to 833-944-3133. This will not be an ongoing commitment and we can absolutely work around multiple schedules. We need energy, enthusiasm and creativity.